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wound careDr. Wood works as the foot and ankle wound specialist at the Amputation Prevention Centers in Palm Springs and La Quinta.  At theses specialized wound centers Dr. Wood has access to advanced treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bioengineered skin grafts and an entire team of physician specialists.  Dr. Wood has a special interest in limb salvage and amputation prevention.  He works extensively with the diabetic population in hospitals as well as the wound centers to prevent major lower extremity amputation.

Wound care is particularly important for those with diabetes. It’s possible that what appears to be a small wound could turn into more severe foot complications down the road if left untreated. It’s common for those with diabetes to experience neuropathy. Neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that affects the body and can cause you to lose feeling in the feet. If you’re no longer experiencing feeling in your feet and a wound develops, it’s very possible it may go unnoticed if you don’t check your feet daily.

Some factors that contribute to the formation of wounds on the feet include wearing tightly fitted shoes, getting a pebble stuck in your shoe, or simply walking. What may appear to be just a small inconvenience such as a blister or callus can worsen over time, so it’s important to be safe and seek the attention of a professional. If you’ve developed a wound, it’s recommended that you try your best to keep the weight off of the area until you’re able to meet with a podiatrist.

Some ways to prevent wounds from developing include checking your feet daily for any injuries, washing and drying your feet daily, dressing for comfort and making sure your toes have enough space, and properly trimming your toenails straight across. Because wounds can lead to more severe complications, especially for those with diabetes, we recommend you speak with a podiatrist for professional guidance and a suggested plan for treatment.

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