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orthoticsDr. Wood is your best choice for foot orthotic therapy.

Dr. Wood has expertise and unique training in foot biomechanics and orthotics that is not available at the commercial stores selling shoe devices.  There are many options for feet that require support.  Not everyone needs custom orthotics. Some people simply need a better shoe or an OTC arch support to feel better. We’ll let you know if we feel that you do not need custom orthotics.

The quality of orthotic devices varies considerably and depends on many factors.  There are many different foot orthotic labs (manufacturers) – and the quality between labs varies widely. We only use the highest quality labs in order to ensure that your orthotics match your feet exactly as we prescribe, that they can handle even the most difficult prescriptions and to ensure that only the best materials are used so that your orthotics will last a long time. In addition, your orthotic molds are stored digitally so it is easy to order additional pair.

The position in which the foot is casted is absolutely critical to orthotic outcome. Thus, it is our opinion that only the doctor, and not a staff member, should take the cast of your foot. Before making an appointment to have orthotics made, the first question you should ask is “who will take the cast or scan of my foot – the doctor or an assistant?” If the answer is anyone other than the doctor, go somewhere else.