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Exercising After a Foot or Leg Injury

Monday, 25 January 2021 00:00

A foot or leg injury could upend your workout plans. Fortunately, you can still work out even with an injury, so long as you are careful in the selection of your exercises and mindful of your injury. If you have injured your foot or leg, you can still do many strength and resistance training exercises in a seated position. If you have injured only one leg, you can also still exercise the non-injured leg by doing balancing exercises and leg lifts. Once your injury has begun to heal, low impact workouts like swimming, hiking, walking, cycling, and yoga can all help your transition back into your regular exercise routine. Prior to starting any workouts following a foot or leg injury, it is suggested that you speak with your podiatrist. 

Exercising your feet regularly with the proper foot wear is a great way to prevent injuries and build strength. If you have any concerns about your feet, contact Dr. Ryan W. Wood from Desert Foot & Ankle Surgeons. Our doctor can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.

Exercise for Your Feet

Exercise for your feet can help you gain strength, mobility and flexibility in your feet. They say that strengthening your feet can be just as rewarding as strengthening another part of the body. Your feet are very important, and we often forget about them in our daily tasks. But it is because of our feet that are we able to get going and do what we need to. For those of us fortunate enough to not have any foot problems, it is an important gesture to take care of them to ensure good health in the long run.

Some foot health exercises can include ankle pumps, tip-toeing, toe rises, lifting off the floor doing reps and sets, and flexing the toes. It is best to speak with Our doctor to determine an appropriate regimen for your needs. Everyone’s needs and bodies are different, and the activities required to maintain strength in the feet vary from individual to individual. 

Once you get into a routine of doing regular exercise, you may notice a difference in your feet and how strong they may become.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our offices located in Palm Springs and El Paseo, CA . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.

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